5 Most Beautiful Cities Many People Don’t Know About

There are a vast number of cities in the world. Each city is different from others and has its own specialty. Some cites are safe, some are enormous as well as some are most expansive. Among the cities across the world, some cities are most beautiful and are more pleasurable to visit. If you are planned to visit the most beautiful cities in the world as a trip for your vocation and still not able to reach any conclusion on where to go, then this is the post for you. Here in this article I have highlighted top 5 most beautiful cities in the world, their location and what makes them stand out from others.

1. Venice in Italy.
The most beautiful city in the world that won my list is none other than Venice in Italy. In addition, Venice is the most unique as well as interesting city in the world. Each building in the city is a piece of art that is breathtaking at the first sight. The piazzas are the perfect example for the beauty of the city.


2. Prague In Czech Republic.
Prague is the city that occupies third place in my list of most beautiful cities in the world. Numerous gorgeous monuments, magnificent Charles Bridge, stunning buildings are the things that impressed me to honor this city. The city is well known as “The city of thousand spires” because the city owns the excess of beautifully preserved historical monuments. Prague Castle is an ideal example for the beauty of the ancient architectures in the city. This city is known for the music, culture and countless churches.


3. Lisbon In Portugal.
Effortless beauty of the city Lisbon impressed most tourists and made them to consider this city as the one among the most beautiful cities in the world. The perfectly landscaped parks, beautiful beaches, pre 18th centaury architecture and cobbled design streets stand as a proof for the beauty of the city. When you visit the city, you will experience the colorful picturesque streets in your each turn.


4.Rio De Janeiro In Brazil.
The right white of the beaches’ sands, breathtaking landscape, mountainous backdrops, and amazing nightlife gives us the sense, as there is no wonder for considering this city as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The popular Corcovado Christ and Sugarloaf Mountain offers an ideal location to get a panoramic view of the Rio De Janeiro city. There are some people who states that “God created the world in 6 days and dedicated the 7th to Rio De Janeiro”. Once you visit this marvelous city, sure you will also admit the saying.


5. Vancouver In Canada.
The city that occupies the 8th place in my list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world is none other than Vancouver. The city is also considered as the one among the world’s most livable cities. The city is the great spot for those who like to visit both mountains and sea beaches. The city is known for its eco friendly green spaces, Stanley Park and Coast Mountains. This is the 3rd largest metropolitan region in the nation.


There are more many beautiful cities but these ones are unique. People are yet to harness the beauty and greatness that comes with them.

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