7 Countries You Won’t Believe Has The Most Beautiful Women in The World

In virtually every corner of the globe, the endless argument on which of the195 countries in the world has the most beautiful women. This argument has never been resolved and will never be because every person has a different view of what “beautiful” is. That woman you find beautiful may not be so beautiful to the next man. However, we tried to create a ranking of countries where you can find the most beautiful women in the world based on the limited data that we have gathered.

1. Brazil.
The sight of gorgeous ladies on sand beaches all over Brazil during the 2014 world cup is still fresh in our memories. Brazilian women are famous for their sporty looks and attractive bodies. They come in different colours and shapes – blonde, black, name it.

2. Russia.
Ever wondered why all those sexy ladies that play the role of sex workers in most Hollywood movies are always portrayed to have migrated from eastern Europe especially Russia? The truth is not farfetched. Russian ladies a very gorgeous with exotic long legs.

3. Venezuela
Apart from oil, another thing that lures men to the country of Venezuela is the pretty Latino ladies. No wonder Venezuela has won various Miss World, Miss Universe and other awards which make us believe that the girls of this beauty gifted land are really hot and appeal to make the outside world’s people crazier.

4. India
If you are a fan of Indian Bollywood movies, you will bear witness to the beauties India can boast of.They do not exist only in the movies. There a lot of very beautiful ladies scattered all over India from different cultures, sizes and shape and their long shiny black hairs.

5. Sweden.
Swedish women are known for their slim bodies, tall height, blonde hair and blue eyes. Their friendly nature attracts most of the men from world. Everything you have ever heard is, in fact, is true!

6. Philippines.
The Asian country of Philippines is ranked second with the most wins in the “The Big Four International Beauty Pageants”. Every year, there is always yet another strong contender in the international beauty pageants from the Philippines. Apart from beauty, Filipinos are also known for their sweetness, caring and family oriented values.

7. United Kingdom
The Britain of today is becoming a multicultural. You’ll find beautiful women from different cultures in different sizes and shapes in Britain.

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