Beware! Using a CONDOM is pointless if you do these 7 things

While only abstinence can give you 100% protection from STDs and STIs, proper use of the co ndom can give you as much as 98% and keep you safe. But, if you do any or all of the things listed below, you only wasted your time! Using a co ndom is one of the best ways to have s ex safely – with up to 98% efficiency. Watch Video below:

Not only do they help prevent pregnancies, they protect from s exually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and s exually Transmitted Infections (STIs). condom use is now a norm. However, the truth however is that co ndom is only useful and effective if it is properly used. This means a person may get 0% protection even though they used a co ndom – they simply did not use it right.

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