Dear Ladies: If You Want To Know The Guy You’re Dating Is A Husband Material, Ask Him These 5 Questions!

1. Is he hot?: Of course he has some hotness factor… you said “yes” to the date and haven’t excused yourself and gone home yet. The answer is “Yes”, so go to the next question

2. What do I like about him other than his hotness?: Granted, you don’t know him too well, but what traits (other than his hotness) show potential? Does he seem smart, compassionate, spiritual? Does he care about pleasing you? Do you share important interests or beliefs? If all you can come up with is “he’s charming” or “we have chemistry”… get the hell out of there girlfriend. Run for the hills! Because after a few hours with him, if all you can come up with is he’s HOT and CHARMING… and you still feel compelled to take him seriously… beware! You’re entering that “b’bye grownup and helllooo horny 25 year old” moment that you may regret later on. Bad choices are just around the corner. If you (that is your grown-up smart you) see additional attractive traits, then proceed. Click Next Below to continue

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