$e,x Story: Home Alone with my Step-Brother….. [ADULTS ONLY]

My name is Jennifer but you can call me Jenny for short, I’m 18 years old, I finished my ssce last year and I’ve wrote jamb like twice but no luck. My mum is 37 years old, she had me when she was just 18 years old, she works with an insurance company. My Dad is late, I never even got to meet him before he died. I heard he had an accident or something. Anyway,Mr Jude is my mum’s boyfriend whom she’s been dating for 3 years now. Mr Jude is also a single dad, he has a son named Daniel. Daniel is 21 years old, a student, a very flirty and handsome boy. Daniel is friendly, he takes me like a sister, in short we are close, very close but something happened between us that almost ruined our parent’s relationship and our family as a whole.

This is how it all started…. Eventually my mum and Demola got married, everybody was so happy, we moved into a new house, I now have someone to call dad, I have a brother too even tho he is my step brother. We moved into a very big house, a five bedroom duplex in Lagos. I have my own room, Daniel has his own room of course, what do you expect? We started living together as family, after the wedding our parent didn’t go for their honeymoon cos of the nature of their job, so they postponed it to when they would have enough time. I enjoyed the company of Daniel and his father, we were so close. I have a boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend, infact I’m not a virgin, so don’t be surprised. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to a youth corper way back in secondary school, whom I dated for few months before he left me to his hometown. Daniel on the other hand is a flirt, he’s cute as in very cute, he has numerous girlfriend, he f.u.c.k.s them anyhow, he brings in different girls to the house, his room is full of condoms infact he’s a pervert, those stupid girls flirts with him a lot, they throw themselves to him so cheap. To be continued…Check below for videos, photos and other stories

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