$ex Story: How I $lept WIth My Boyfriend’s Cousin And Became A Lesbian [TRUE STORY]

I am in the University Of Lagos, studying Medcine, I graduated from a secondary school in Ojo, military school, I had only one boyfriend there, but we broke up after secondary school and in Uni, I made new friends and a new boyfriend too, although i never had much friends but i am beautiful and alot of boys use to come for me, which i usually ignore, cause i am from a rich home, what could they offer me, that i dont already have. So one day, i visited my boyfriend’s place for the weekend, and met his cousin.

She used to come to his house a lot to keep me company whenever I was at his place. Once there was this period he installed a Jacuzzi/ A huge bath tub. After the guys who brought it left, the both of us started struggling for who’ll use it first. I should tell you, this girl is hot. A slim body, tiny waist, big boobs and hips that are just perfect. I wasn’t really into her, as a matter of fact I wasn’t even into girls. In the end we ended up in d jacuzzi together. Somehow we started talking about sex. She asked me if I’d. Click Next Below To Continue

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