$ex Story: How I Seduced My Dad, Made Love And Got Pregnant For Him…[ADULTS ONLY]

My name is Stella and I am 25 years of age. I started having an erotic feeling for my dad when I was 21 years old while in my finals at the university . My parents got married at a very young age so they had us on time and we grew with them. I was the most favourite of dad’s and I loved him so much.

Despite the number of children my parents had, my dad was still looking charming, tall, a very sexy physique and most importantly, very rich. I was so attached to my dad even as a child but when I became an adult, the feelings became erotic. I lived off camp in a 3-bedroom flat alone while in my finals, so on that fateful day; my dad paid me a visit since he was around the neighbourhood. I have been having funny imagination of being in bed with my dad and praying to have at least one opportunity to fulfill my heart desire. Click on Next To Continue

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