$ex Story : How I Seduced My Lecturer….21+ [ADULTS ONLY]

My name is Mirabel. I happened to have an unavoidable attraction for my lecturer in my second year in the university. It all began one fateful morning when were supposed to have a lecture, FORTRAN. It happened that our old lecturer, was retiring and a replacement was brought to continue with the course. The outgoing lecturer came into the lecture hall that afternoon with this young, vibrant looking man who introduced himself as Mr. Desmond. He was meant to take over from retiring lecturer.

I was lost in erotic thoughts at the sight of this man that I didn’t even bother to listen to the gibberish introductory message, I was just focused on his masculine physique that stole my heart and whole being that instant. He was fondly addressed ad Mr. Dez by fellow students.Despite the fact that I was studying a science inclined course, I was never serious with my studies. I hardly attend lectures because I had it at the back of my mind that no matter what happens, the word “Impossible” simply means “I’m possible” in my dictionary so I didn’t bother myself about that….Continue reading

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