$ex Story: What My Boyfriend Does in Bed that keeps Me coming back for more

A lot of people have different opinions on the best way to keep your woman happy; some say the answer is money, others say gifts, shopping trips and even expensive dinner dates, but how many people consider good se x?

Giving your woman good se x is just as important as showing her respect and showering her with gifts, especially if she is an independent woman like me who can already afford all those things…let me explain by sharing a little story with you. I have dated a couple of men before and found them all boring. To me relationships started to seem like a waste of time, until I met the one man that turned things around; he is the one man I just cannot get enough of and his name is Frederick. Even though I had dated nice guys who were well to do and totally eligible in the sight of many other women, Frederick is just different, he has a

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