Ladies, See The Everyday Habits That Cause Your Bre,asts to Sag

Wearing a br.a that doesn’t fit: This habit is more common that one would think. Most br.as are made of flexible materials, and over time with normal wear, they will eventually stretch out.
Smoking: Smoking makes the skin lose its natural elasticity, which causes the bre.asts to drop. It reduces the amount of collagen in the skin and worsens the blood circulation. This makes the skin become weaker and age faster.

Not exercising and adopting bad posture: It’s important to exercise and keep your chest muscles strong. However, some back-and-forth repetitive motions (like in running) can make your bre.asts go saggy, as they breakdown bre.ast collagen.
Crash dieting: Having a balanced diet is very important to the health of your bre.asts. Yo-yo dieting that makes you lose vast amounts of weight quickly, only to put it back on later, puts a strain on your skin tissue.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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