See 8 Foods That Will Instantly Turn Your Belly Fat To Flat Tommy….It Works Like Magic

Every day we hear about breakthrough diets or miracle weight loss products that cost you thousands of dollars. I bet you’ve probably heard of the waist trainer
1. Meat: Not just any type of meat…white meat or lean meat is the best type of meat to keep the fat away from your belly. Free-range chicken, fish and grass-fed beef are scientifically proven to burn fat. In fact, there’s a study that showed grass-fed beef contains natural CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). And don’t bother trying to take CLA supplements because they are not the same as the naturally occurring one. Besides, the supplement has more side effects than it has benefits. What’s fascinating about eating proteins is that your body will burn 30% of its calories after eating protein-rich foods.

2. Protein Powder: Protein powder isn’t just for people who want to bulk up in the gym…you too can benefit from it. Protein powder contains amino acids that build muscle and burn fat. Add two spoonfuls of the powder to your smoothie for a belly fat burning drink. And the good thing about protein powder is that it’s easily available in health food stores. By the way, when adding protein powder to your smoothie, make sure it’s a healthy smoothie. Not one of those sugary types or chocolate smoothies. You can make your own smoothie by blending unsweetened yogurt, fruits and low fat milk. Click Next To Continue

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1 Comment

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