See The 5 Crazy Things That Will Happen To Your Body When You Have TOO MUCH S3x

1. You become more susceptible to UTIs.: Women everywhere can agree that UTIs are the bane of our existence. “The majority of sexually active women will experience a UTI at some point during their lives. UTIs occur when bacteria (most often E.coli) that surround the vaginal opening make their way up to the bladder during and after se x. The best way to prevent a UTI? If you can, take a shower or bath before se x and wash the external genitalia, and the area around the anal opening with a mild cleanser. This will help to reduce the amount of bacteria present.” says Dr. Leah Millheiser of Nuelle.

3. Se x often leads to more se x: “The more women have positive sexual experiences, the more they will look forward to se x in the future. For women who are going through menopause, one of the great side effects of having se x a couple of times a week is that it keeps the vagina from becoming narrow, which can then lead to painful intercourse,” says Millheiser.
4. You may become flushed in your face: During sexual arousal, blood vessels near the skin dilate, which leads to that rosy glow on your chest and face, says Millheiser. This is a normal response from the nervous system and should be a sign that everything is working just right.

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