The 5 Important Things About Sperm That Every Woman Should Know

1. Sperm is not without calories: Ejaculation liquid is composed mostly of fructose and enzymes. One cup of seeds is about five calories. It can be compared with one olive.
2. Sperm is not the longest-running body fluid: Spermatozoa are not as resistant to bacteria and other germs. They die quickly if you are in a cold, very hot, due to changes in pH or chemicals, such as chlorine in the pool.

3. Permanent in the womb: Sperm can not survive long in many situations, but the inside of the stomach provides a good environment for them. Spermatozoa can survive between five and seven days and fertilize the egg. In the vagina retain only a few hours.
4. Spermatozoa are not fighters: In fact, everyone thinks that the sperm on its way to the egg is like a lone wolf. But uterus helps the sperm to enter into it, and therefore provides a stimulus.

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