THE 7 Important Things About Sperm That Every Woman Should Know

1. Sperm is not longest-running body liquid: Spermatozoa can also contain bacteria and other germs. But luckily, they can be destroyed easily: if you are exposed to chemicals (such as the chlorine in the pool), as a result of changes in the pH value, or even in very cold or very hot circumstances.
2. Permanent in the womb: Sperm finds the best conditions to survive in the stomach where it can maintain in a period of 5 to 7 days and fertilize the egg. In the vagina, it lives only for a couple of hours, as same as in the most of the environments.

3. Sperm is not without calories: The composition of ejaculation is mostly consisted of enzymes and fructose. A cup full of seeds equals to one olive, or 5 calories.
4. Spermatozoa are not fighters: Contrary to people`s opinion that sperm enters the egg alone, the truth is that it always needs stimulation from the uterus in order to do so.

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