This is Unbelievable!! Ancestral Tortoise Was Found Inside The Well!!!

There was a block of six flat at Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria occupied by the Landlord and 5 tenants which include 2 bankers and 3 university lecturers…In fact the house belongs for the rich. This house is very beautiful, but there is something so strange about the house, any tenant that moves into that house with wealth, joy and properties, would always moves out with nothing.. As a matter of fact, the latest 5 tenants that move into the house with cars and wealth but within six months they have all gone broke leaving with nothing. One day, one of the lecturers called his friends and told them something was going wrong at his house but they laughed at him saying how can a professor like you belief so much in superstition.

After several problems, the lecturer on his own decide to come for prayer meeting and God open his eyes and in this revelation, he saw a well situated in the compound of the house and God told him that is the source of his affliction and bondage so he quickly rushed down home to pour annoiting oil into the well and use bucket to bring out water, after the third time, he felt something was in the bucket, lo and behold, he looked into the bucket and found a big tortoise and around that tortoise was the names of the 5 tenants tied around the tortoise with red thread.. The tortoise was anointed and burnt down with prayers, starting from the next day, things began to change for those tenants in the house and began to re-possessed their possession but before then, they were getting poorer and the Landlord was getting richer until when the Lord delivered them from the hand of evil landlord. I decree, if that your present situation is as a result of where you are living right now the Lord will catapult you out and push you to the house of your blessings and prosperity, in the mighty name of Jesus. Type Amen!!!!

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