Why You Must Use C0ndoms Until You Are Married…[A Must Read]

We have all heard about. condoms through different means,we have been told to abstain and if not then use a condom and be faithful to your patner, but in reality how many people abstain, how many use condoms and how many are faithful. Most people even “selectively use condoms”,yes selectively that’s what I want to talk about,while most people use condoms they still have that so called official girlfriend or boyfriend they done use condoms for,why is it like that?, a guy feels his girlfriend is probably cheating if she insists on a condom while a girl feels her boyfriend doesn’t love her if he uses a condom for her.

A player has so many girls yet has that official one he doesn’t use a condom on, why is that?, what is this mentality behind official boyfriend and girlfriend, what makes it safe not to use condoms for your so called official patner even when you both have not gone through a health screening?. Stds and sexually transmitted viruses and infections are spreading like wild fire and most are silent killer, low sperms count on the increase,infertility issues increasing, only if you work in the a heart to heart center will you know the number of unexpected faces the come for CD4 count.

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